Know Your Energy Truth

The phrase “one version of the truth” has particular significance when it comes to energy management. Variance in utility costs usually come with a myriad of excuses such as “the weather caused our bills to be higher” or “our product mix was different last month”. Maybe, but maybe not. MPC-AURA provides the root cause analysis for energy variances in a simple to understand format. Not an easy task without the proper tools, data and insight. Our experience coupled with your data and the MPC-AURA system will provide you with that one version of the truth where energy is concerned. MPC-AURA users know what commodities they are using versus what is required at all times. Drill down of energy variances get you to the root cause of what is making energy go up or down. Realtime, daily, monthly and annually you will have your arms around your energy use and have access to your energy information 24 by 7, anywhere on any device