Outstanding Record of Results

  • Delivering “Energy Awareness” utilizing existing infrastructure and people
  • Average ROI to date of 288%
  • Elimination of “excuses” for excessive energy variation and higher costs
  • Sustainable energy savings for a department, plant or global enterprise
  • Energy modeling by commodity enables drill down of energy variances
  • Accurate, actionable energy information available any time on any device
  • Validation of ROI for operational/behavioral and CAPEX energy initiatives
  • Increased profit with no capital expense
  • Reduced GHG emissions
  • ISO 50001 eligiblity

With over 43 years of experience in over 300 companies, MPC has an outstanding record of success. Over 80% of our clients retain us for continued work with other facilities. MPC Energy has 100’s of referenceable projects from a “Who’s Who” of industrial companies.

Year after year MPC Energy has delivered unmatched results for its clients. We have proven time after time that energy is controllable and therefore manageable. By understanding what makes energy fluctuate and addressing those root causes, energy costs will go down and quality will improve.