Reduced GHG Emissions

Most companies are concerned with emissions. MPC Energy understands that the best way to decrease your CO2 emissions is to simply reduce the amount of energy you currently use to produce the same amount of products! There is no more economical way to accomplish a reduction in GHGs.

For many years, industry has thought that the best way to decrease emissions was to put some sort of “filter” on emissions to sequester the carbon coming out of the stack—another capital-based solution. How about decreasing the amount of energy going UP the stack in the first place and saving energy costs to produce your product at the same time? When we present this solution, our clients all say the same thing, “This makes good business sense.”

Monitoring and evaluating any decrease in carbon emissions is as easy as using the GHG module included in the MPC-AURA system. MPC’s AURA system can evaluate the reduction in emissions from the base- line period to match the accuracy of the associated energy models already set up in MPC-AURA. Any decrease in energy use will have an associated decrease in GHG’s without needing CAPEX or installing some “filter”. The calculations are automatically done for you in MPC-AURA. GHG reporting is configurable and automatic.