Creating Climate Wealth

"We see success with the company MPC Energy. Based near St. Louis, MPC Energy may be the standard-bearer un energy management systems. With more than thirty years’ experience and more than three hundred customers, MPC has solidified a means by which customers reduce their energy cost by reducing the amount of energy required per unit item produced. Offering permanent enterprise energy management, their model is accurate to within 1 percent per year. It is the foremost company that has developed energy management in the industrial sector, and it has the foresight to look at decreasing energy consumption (costs) before those costs were volatile or even considered a cost variable that could be decreased.

Whereas some people accept energy management to be a supply-side question (trying to minimize purchasing), and others think of energy management as implementing several capital-based engineering projects in the hope that there will be a return on investment on the back-side. MPC has a different approach altogether. MPC believes that managing the systems and controlling how and why energy is used is the key. By working closely with clients as a third party, they can benchmark a company’s energy efficiency against competitors, essentially using their bravado against them or a least as a motivator.

Rather than offering a snapshot through a one-time energy audit, MPC’s continuous commissioning process allows companies to see an ongoing picture offering multiple opportunities to address consumption and wastage issues. It is a more robust approach and one that its clients are overwhelmingly satisfied with based on customer feedback.

For my part, what I see through all of these examples from CEMEX to Empower Energies to MPC is that the solutions are there, and the opportunity is significant in the industrial efficiency sector. These at not far-flung challenges that we cannot meet, but rather they are real opportunities to improve industrial efficiency by both implementing new ideas with existing technologies -such as the wind turbine for CEMEX and finding new ways to build partnerships, such as what we see with Empower Energies and GM, to allow traditional manufacturing a way to improve their efficiency by creating new business models. And finally, through MPC, we see a better way to assess, use, and minimize waste so that efficiency is improved throughout multiple processes.

These opportunities merely scratch the surface of what is possible right now. The potential is staggering. Motivated entrepreneurs and investors can find opportunity now with some research and being to capitalize on them right away if they so choose. It’s time."