No Capital Expense Required

Our experience has taught us that up to 50% of the energy used in manufacturing is wasted. Of that amount, 20% can be recovered with CAPEX; better boiler controls, VFD’s, new lighting etc. The remaining 30% is behavioral. Simply stated, there are operational savings present in every organization that can be captured without CAPEX. This is MPC Energy’s “sweet spot”. We have spent years understanding which behaviors are critical to saving energy in a manufacturing setting and how to effect changes in those behaviors that are sustainable. It starts with accountability and a focus on implementing changes to behaviors that waste energy. It takes leadership and commitment. It also helps to have a tool like MPC-AURA that can track the operational/behavioral savings opportunities, assign accountability and monetize the results. You are probably spending too much for energy right now. By how much? We can help you quantify that and divert that money back to your bottom line. Let MPC Energy show you that achieving operational energy savings doesn’t require capital to implement.