We have been tracking the results of the work performed by MPC for more than six months and we are right on schedule to your projected savings.

Vernon Anderson

Asst. General Manager

MPC made an analysis of the potential energy savings at the facility. Although there was considerable initial skepticism considering the actual achievable savings and the associated measurement system, the direct and professional approach of the MPC staff nullified these concerns.

Now, two months into the program, it is obvious that the net savings will represent 26% of the budgeted energy costs. This is a full 50% more than the initial conservative MPC estimate.

Ron Burch

Manager Technical Operations Joplin, Missouri

Second, the way you and your company work with our in plant personnel, to make them feel a part of the project. This, in my opinion is what will keep the project working in the future at our plant. Third, the project procedure which was set up and can be easily followed, which again will enable the project to be maintained by our plant personnel for future use.

Dave Halterman

Plant Manager