MPC-AURA is the only genuinely comprehensive Energy Management Solution. Our energy software monitors equipment energy usage and provides alerts and reports which let you manage your energy usage. MPC-AURA energy software provides actionable information leveraging established benchmarks along with real-time metrics in comparison with historic consumption.

MPC-AURA Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is the first and only platform built with over 44 years of Energy Management experience, captured in an easy-to-implement SaaS energy management solution. Hosted in a private cloud, secured by an SSAE-18 SOC 1 and SOC 2 Type II Certified Data Center, MPC-AURA offers the only solution to enable control and the continuous improvement of your facilities.

MPC-AURA energy management solution provides the foundation your organization will require to meet the new Energy Social and Governance (ESG) requirements and reporting. Energy and Cost Savings are tracked, reported, and maintained with the use of our Energy Management SaaS solution. MPC-AURA energy management software provides the capability to gather, store and report your organization's Scope 1, 2, and 3 energy and emissions data.

MPC-AURA compared to other offerings

Historic Usage Models
Energy Log
Exception Log
Energy Savings
Greenhouse Gas Report Limited
Key Performance Indicators Limited
Energy Balances
Alerts Limited
Dashboards & Trends Limited

Accurate Budgeting

of all energy usage

KPI Monitoring

and reporting with automatic alerts

Customizable Dashboards

for all user groups and levels


of multiple facilities through an enterprise hierarchy

Unlimited Users

and devices with no extra costs

Automatic Software Updates

using a cloud environment always running the latest version

No Installation

needed, just sign in and manage your energy

Mobile Friendly

user interface on every device

Do more than just monitor your energy usage. Manage it.

MPC Energy has an unparalleled legacy of empowering clients with increased profitability and the benefits of environmental stewardship. Other engineering and software companies claim energy optimization, but at best only offer metered use, while MPC-AURA presents manageable views of energy use throughout the plant thus eliminating the excuses as to why energy is up or down.

Only MPC offers large-scale manufacturers true "optimization" by assessing the energy savings opportunities, partnering with your team as needed, diving into the details to get at the data that counts, and establishing ideas that can become the new standards by which your organization operates.

Greater Visibility into Energy Use, Productivity and Safety

Better decision making for the C-Level Suite

Financial visibility continuously updated and customizable to show exact data needed for faster and more accurate decision making

  • No capital expense required for hardware, software or related infrastructure
  • MPC-AURA will identify, quantify and validate ROI for any energy-related Capital Improvement opportunities
  • Enterprise platform that scales from a single unit of production through multiple plants globally, providing a standardized view from an energy perspective.

Analysis of Historical Data

Accurate determination of historic energy use by product grouping, weather and additional variables that cause energy to fluctuate is essential in the evaluation of future results. As energy action items are changed in the plant, knowing the past use of energy per unit produced is required to know if that action resulted in actual energy reduction. The models show “The line in the sand” as to what the plant would have used had no action taken place.

These models are developed to track historic use of the commodity within 5% per month and 1% per year of what was billed by the utility. Coefficients are determined for production totals, product mix, weather influences, workday/non-workday base loads and other factors that cause daily fluctuations.

Once these models are developed, they are utilized in the MPC-Aura financial section that accurately determines the realized level of savings.

To perpetuate the system, these coefficients are zeroed out due to the known reductions and used to create the budget drivers for the subsequent year. The plant has a new baseline to work with for future improvements.

MPC-Aura is the only SaaS that has accurate financial monitoring for current and future results generated by the Energy Action Items. It adds proper accountability and responsibility for energy use in the operation.

Carbon Management

MPC-AURA helps clients understand and prepare for a carbon‐constrained world. It is very likely that carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases will be regulated in the United States within the next few years. Federal requirements were already in place for large emitters to regularly file reports of their GHG emissions to the EPA beginning in 2010.

Increasingly, companies will need to understand and be accountable for the GHG emissions they create.

Baseline Carbon Emission Assessment
Customized Emissions Tracking Tool
Benchmarking and Gap Analysis Report

MPC offers several carbon management services

  • Preparation of thorough, accurate, and verifiable greenhouse gas emissions inventory
  • Proprietary GHG emissions module for tracking and reporting of emissions customized for your company’s needs and integrated into existing Energy Management System
  • A detailed report describing calculation methodology, results of baseline inventory assessment, benchmarking normalized results of inventory assessment with firms in the same industry, and analysis of potential risks and opportunities related to your GHG emissions profile in light of most up‐to‐date developments in state and federal regulations