Energy savings on our kilns have been primarily the result of closely monitoring burner ratios, adjusting air handling, and stabilizing our process flow. This has additionally given us some quality improvements by reducing breakage due to overburning. Overall savings on each kiln have averaged between 15% and 20%.

James Frazer

Manager Manufacturing Mexico Plant

The staff on premises exhibited professional demeanor, thorough knowledge of energy technologies that were integrated and an understanding of manufacturing processes as they relate to energy application and consumption.

I'm looking forward to continuing the programs in place and expanding them to build on the foundation put in place by your staff.

Chris Kessler

Plant Engineer and Energy Coordinator

I want to take this time to thank you for a job well done in completing the energy management project that your firm was retained for. The studies of all aspects of operations and the results of these studies not only resulted in improved energy efficiencies, better understanding of the processes as they pertain to energy but a better overall production process as well.

Butch Blandford

Plant Manager