MPC's energy conservation training and guidance, along with a sensitivity to the process of change in the plant, created a positive approach to utility cost management at Gerdau Macsteel Jackson Michigan. We have realized savings when energy costs are escalating at a record pace and the plant-wide awareness that MPC generated will help to ensure a sustainable initiative. I would recommend their services to anyone looking to improve energy efficiency.

Mark Seifert

Production Manager Jackson, Michigan

MPC provided us with a powerful energy monitoring tool called MPC-AURA. This tool is friendly and can give the user the ability to gauge and understand where energy is being spent and whether it is being used correctly per piece of equipment or process. MPC-AURA helped the Hot Strip Mill staff keep score with energy ratios per ton produced, and realize whether savings were being achieved or lost.

Abe Semaidi

80th HSN Great Lakes Works

[MPC staff], using their expertise in the field of Energy Savings, quickly were able to examine our processes at the Boiler Houses, and Power Plants and take projects from concept to completion with speed and accuracy. For every project, they wrote charters, developed base case information, determined the root cause of the problem and wrote impact tracking sheets to track financial savings for each project, for a monthly savings. They attended our weekly project meetings and were eager to help in any way. I highly recommend [MPC].

Charles J. Barger

Operations Specialist