The Energy Management Program that your Company installed last October has been even more successful than anticipated. Our current annualized savings are more than double the original estimate, resulting in a payback of only slightly more than four months. Our energy usage has obviously shown a marked reduction since the implementation of the program.

J.J. Hull

Plant Controller, Midwest Fittings

MPC's methods focus on development of a measurement system for plant utilities. The measurement system was then utilized throughout the organization as a tool to implement behavioral change in the way utilities are managed. Many of the utility cost reductions were achieved through development of processes for leak repair, startup/shutdown procedures, burner tuning and standardized operating procedures. The Energy Requirements Plan they developed provided us with daily performance targets for energy use in production and are also being used to improve our ability to forecast and budget.

Steve Frier

Vice President/General Manager

Tyler had talked to energy consultants before, but most wanted us to make big capital investments to get savings. I didn't think we had much real control or knowledge of our energy usage, so what they typically recommended seemed premature. The approach MPC came to us with (segregating and linking plant activity to energy usage, benchmarking, control and improvement) made a lot of sense to me.

I was impressed by how you went about your data gathering and analysis. Certainly, the savings opportunities you said we had were there. You gave us a model that we now review constantly and use to track the results of our conservation and efficiency efforts. The program works because you can see the impact (both good and bad) of your actions on a daily basis - in my opinion the only way a program can be effective long-term. We are millions of dollars ahead of where we would have been had we not contracted with you.

Anthony C. Orlowski

General Manager

The concept of an outside consultant into our $120 million foundry operation generally sends waves of apprehension and doubt throughout the organization. We seem to question whether anyone could point out improvements in an operation that we live with hour by hour, year after year.

However, after a short time, those feelings were replaced with respect and confidence as we started our journey towards our improvement project revolving primarily around the use of energy at our facilities.

Finally, the bottom line results met and exceeded our expectations. Consequently, we are requesting additional proposals from MPC for other projects within our facility and may well consider additional projects.

James F. Mason

President and Chief Executive Officer