Inconsistent Energy Savings Initiatives?

Many of our clients admit to having a history of on-off energy saving initiatives prior to engaging MPC Energy. Often, companies find themselves starting and stopping energy savings programs because their energy strategies do not address the root cause of energy waste. We have learned over the years that this is due to a lack of having an energy-centric culture.

How and why is MPC’s energy management approach so effective? Here are some reasons:

  • In partnership with you, we generate success delivering the MPC TEAM approach–and together we get results.
  • We work with you to create tools that measure, analyze, and evaluate your energy consumption, these tools in turn help create systems that enable continuous energy conservation and optimization.
  • We develop requirements for the business to determine how much energy is actually needed to do everything energy related from opening a door to heating/cooling your buildings to making your product(s).
  • We enable the enterprise to have “One version of the truth” as it pertains to energy use. With this information, management can assign authority, accountability and responsibility to those who can control energy. Once established, we support the change and improvement through creation of an energy team comprised of your staff, trained by MPC Energy.
  • We track results through our TEAM approach and the resulting financials. The result is a decrease in energy use and savings in energy costs.
  • We establish communications to all levels of your organization via our teamwork concept and its components.

The result is your enterprise has a system, the knowledge and the tools necessary to manage and control energy consumption instilled in its culture. Change that is permanent and sustainable and impacts the bottom line.