We initiated an energy savings program with Modular Process Control (MPC) for our North American manufacturing group approximately 18 months ago. After completing on-site services in two other plants, MPC came into our facility in September of last year. Since that time they have worked very hard to help us build a sustainable energy management program. They have solicited ideas from all levels of the organization and built our energy team, designed to execute the improvement ideas across the facility. With the help of MPC, we have identified opportunities to save 15-20% of our annual energy costs. The site staff has background industry knowledge to understand both the energy conservation, and production requirements sides of the operation. They look for opportunities that are able to co-exist with production and sustain after they have left.

From a consultant cost standpoint, the advantage with MPC is that they don't track a list of ideas and "claim" savings. Instead, they build a detailed energy model of the facility based on production level, production schedule, environmental, and other factors. This model is proven accurate over past data and then projected over current conditions. If there is a favorable difference between the predicted and actual, then we both share in the savings. They have also provided us a modified version of the model that we can use to budget energy costs over potential production scenarios.

Scott A Forry

Findlay Plant Engineer

Specifically, they created a detailed set of procedures for the plant that will be invaluable in maintaining the system and training others.

Craig Lloyd

Texarkana Plant Engineer

The Energy Reduction Management System implemented in this plant is real and clearly differentiates MPC's program from others. This is because the members of the project team are world-class professionals and truly understand energy. As a client, we were able to implement demand control technology to verify actual results versus the predicted model. This has allowed us to look at energy as a key measure on a daily basis and become aware of the total process from the energy side. This allows us to measure our process on energy and become more competitive in the marketplace.

B.L. Wells

Plant Engineering Facilities Manager