The First, Best, and Only

MPC Energy was the first company to successfully implement an accurate, sustainable Energy Management System in the industrial sector.

What is Energy Management?

There are lots of companies offering “energy management” tools. Here’s how to tell what is, and what isn’t true energy management.

Any Manufacturing Process

Our unique and extensive extends across over 40 manufacturing and commercial sectors and has yielded millions of dollars per year in savings across a broad array of processes.

Unique Industrial Energy Experience

By partnering with MPC Energy, you instantly deploy some of the world’s most experienced people in the field of industrial energy management.

Outstanding Record of Results

Over 300 customers and 43 years, MPC does not fail in delivering the targeted results to a committed client.

Our Systems Exceed ISO 50001 Standards

The MPC standard is unequalled: A committed deployment leaves our partners far exceeding the requirements for ISO 50001 certification.

Performance-Based Contracts

Flexible fee structures include contingency contracts: Often, MPC is a zero-cost proposition.

More Than a "Dashboard"

Energy management requires more than just visibility; MPC’s Energy Management System goes far beyond “dashboards.”

Recover Overbudgeted Funds

Being able to accurately predict your energy use reduces the need for a “fudge factor” in your energy budget.

An Energy-Centric Culture

How do you get your entire organization thinking about energy and affecting its conservation? Talk to MPC.

Know Your Energy Truth

When MPC deploys our Energy Management System, we guarantee predictive accuracy to under 1% per year.

No Capital Expense Required

We’re experts at making your existing equipment and processes more efficient, which translates directly to your bottom line.

Reduced GHG Emissions

MPC’s partners have kept over 1.8 million tons of Green House Gas (GHG) from being released into the atmosphere per year!

Inconsistent Energy Savings Initiatives?

Do you have stop-start energy reduction drives? For 43 years we have been mastering the science of making facilities smarter and more efficient with all forms of energy, and know how to make energy reduction stick.

Creating Climate Wealth

MPC is the foremost company that has developed energy management in the industrial sector, and it had the foresight to look at decreasing energy consumption before those costs were volatile or even considered a cost variable that could be decreased.